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Hello email admins!

Posted by Maciej Sołtysiak on June 22, 2008

Welcome to the – hopefully helpful – Email Admin’s blog.

I am an applications and systems administrator since 2000 and this place is a spot for my blurbs about Linux email system components. The main focus is qmail, vpopmail, spamassassin, clamav, courier-imap, dovecot, maildrop, simscan, qmail-scanner, squirrelmail, roundcube, pyzor, razor, … get the idea? All those parts of that should work well to have a nice email service. However note, that you won’t find anything about other MTAs like: postfix, exim, sendmail. I’ve had good experience with postfix, but somehow I feel qmail is the most difficult to get working and fix, so I think it’s better to contribute in the least covered area.

For my own purposes and for an other 1000 user system I’ve been using Bill Shupp’s excellent qmail toaster. Or rather my own variants of it.

And the most important thing: I hope to write a post around once a month.

Wish me luck!


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